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Minutes of the State Convention, Convened at Columbus

  The 27th resolution was taken up, and on motion of L. D. Tay-
lor of Franklin, it was laid on the table.
  The 24th resolution came up for consideration, and was referred
to a select committee of one, J. H. Perkins being the committee.
  It was moved by W. H. Day, that the committee to whom  was
referred the 23d resolution on the press, be instructed to bring in a
plan similar to the one of last winter.  A letter from  W. H. Day
was read, and his resignation tendered, which was as follows:
                                    COLUMBUS, Jan. 1st, 1851.
 To the State Convention of Colored Men, to be held in Columbus,
     Ohio, Jan. 15th, 1851.
   GENTLEMEN:--The State Convention preceeding this, very kind-
ly nominated the undersigned, one of the Editors of the News-
paper entitled the "Voice of the Disfranchised,"  which  paper  it
was then expected, would be started during last year.  The  under-
signed has done what  he consistently could, in connexion  with
others, to commence publishing said paper, and has held himself in
readiness to assume the duties of the post assigned him; and  Mr.
C. H. Langston, the other Editor, has labored to the same end.
   In view of important circumstances, effecting the interst of others
as well as the interest of the undersigned,  he cannot consistently
remain in the position to which he was thus appointed, and hereby
respectfully tenders his resignation, hoping that, if it be deemed
necessary, another may be appointed in his stead, who may  be bet-
ter able to devote himself to the arduous duties of this position,
although he claims for himself the praise that no one has been more
                                      Very Respectfully,
                                            WILLIAM H. DAY.
  On motion of C. H. Langston a select committee of one was ap-
pointed on statistic, and L. W. Miner constitute said committee,
  The 26th resolution was then taken up, and on motion of C. H.
Langston, that it be amended by stricking out, "most convenient
point," and insert the  words "Buffalo, New York,"  the amend-
ment was agreed to, and the resolution adopted.
  H. Ford Douglass, from the committee appointed to wait on the
Governor, the Hon. R. Wood, reported the following answer:
                                        EXECUTIVE OFFICE.
                                   Columbus Jan. 17th, 1851.
  SIR.--Your note came to hand this morning.   It will suit my
convenience, to receive your committee at three o'clock this after-
noon, at my office.
                            Respectfully, R, WOOD.
    H. FORD DOUGLASS, Chairman.
  The 28th resolution was taken up, and pending the motion to
adopt, the hour of recess arrived and the session closed, J. Henry
Perkins of Hamilton, having the floor.


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Minutes of the State Convention, Convened at Columbus


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