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Minutes of the State Convention, Convened at Columbus
  "II.  The appointment of a committee of nine from those who
pledge money, the business of which committee shall be to manage
the publishing and all the financial concerns of the paper.
  III. That the editors  be authorized  and empowered  to collect
monies from the public, by voluntary contributions or otherwise,
to purchase a press for the publication of said paper, which shall
be their individual property, as an indemnity against  losses sus-
tained in its publication.  When they have purchased the Press,
they shall give security to said Committee of Nine for the publica-
tion of the paper for one year.
  IV. Columbus, Franklin county, as the place for issuing the
  V. William H. Day, and Charles H. Langston, Editors; who are
recommended as responsible men, to apply the funds collected to
 the object above mentioned.
  VI. The principles of the paper shall be the advocacy of the
rights of the colored man, urging his liberty,and his moral, mental,
social, and political elevation.
  VII. The name, "Clarion of Freedom."
  All of which is respectfully submitted.
                              J. MERCER LANGSTON,
                     MORNING SESSION.
                                   COLUMBUS, May 18th, 1851.
  President in the Chair.  Chaplain  opened the Convention  by
reading a portion of the Scriptures.
  It was moved by Mr. C. H. Langston, that each of the Delegates
pledge himself to give whatever he can afford, to establish a news-
paper upon the plan stated in the foregoing report, which was
agreed to.   Mr. Roberts, of Seneca wished, to know to whom the
Press would belong, when paid for.  Pending this question, on
motion of C. A. Yancy, said report was reconsidered, and on mo-
tion of D. Jenkins, after much deliberation it was indefinitely post-
  At this stage of the proceedings, a communication was received
from the following ladies of Columbus: Miss L. A. Stanton, Miss
M. J. Hopkins, Mrs. L. M. Jenkins, Mrs. C. Hacley, Mrs. S. Mason
Mrs. S. P. Scurry, Miss L. Harper; pledging themselves to furnish
means to publish the proceedings of this Convention.
  On motion, the following gentlemen, J. McCarter Simpson, W.
H. Day, C. H. Langston, were appointed to correspond with the
leading colored citizens of the United States, touching the propri-
ety of holding a National Convention, to be held at Buffalo, some-
time in the year 1851.
  The following gentlemen were appointed as State Central Com-
mittee for the ensuing year: J. I. Gaines, J. H. Perkins, J. Jack-
son of Hamilton county, W. H. Day of Lorain, D. Jenkins of
  On motion, the Convention adjourned sine dic.


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Minutes of the State Convention, Convened at Columbus


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