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Proceedings, Held in the City of Columbus, January 16-18, 1856

dealing, in the name of our nativity, in the    expended thirty-three dollars, of which
name of the political axiom that Taxation       but five have been refunded, and D. Jen-
and Representation are inseparable, and         kins the sum of twenty five dollars, there-
in the name of our loyalty and devoted-         fore,
ness to our native land and her institutions,     Resolved, That the delegates composing
we demand the alteration and amendment          this Convention  be requested  to raise a
of all clauses in our State Constitution        fair proportion of said amounts, in their
making distinctions on the ground of color,     counties, and forward the same to a com-
as well as all laws and parts of laws ma-       mittee of three in the city of Columbus,
king complexional differences.                  who shall have  charge of said funds, and
   15. Resolved, that we  recommend  to         who shall appropriate them to the satis-
the Convention the appointment of a com-        faction of said claims.   We  also recom-
mittee to prepare a petition to be present-     mend  that the claims of John J. Gaines
ed to the Convention for signatures.            and Peter H. Clark, for thirty dollars,
   16. Resolved, That the political party       expended by them for printing the Minutes
that declares that there can be no law for      of the Convention of 1852, be allowed.
slavery, is the real political party of free-     D.Jenkins, P. H. Clark, C. A. Yancey,
dom in the United States, and as such		were appointed that committee.
commends itself to the countenance and          21. Resolved, That each Delegate pres-
support of every colored man in the na-         ent be requested to order a copy or copies 
tion.                                           of the Ohio Columbian, containing the pro-
   17. Resolved, That we recommend to           ceedings of our Convention, and be re-
the Convention the appointment of a com-        quested to read such proceedings to their
mittee of three, to prepare a petition to be    constituents, and urge them to carry out
presented to the Legislature, asking that       the recommendations therein contained.
honorable body to take the necessary steps      22. Resolved, That Messrs. Clark, J.
to secure the alteration of the first Section   M. Langston, John S. Gaines, C. H. Lang- 
of the ninth Article of the State Constitu-     ston, and  L. D. Taylor, be appointed a
tion, by striking out the word "white"          committee to wait upon the Legislature
from said section, and to repeal all laws       now in session, asking a hearing concer-
and parts of laws making complexion dis-        ning the grievances of which we com-
criminations; and we would also recom-          plain.
mend that the members of this Conven-           23.  Resolved, That this Convention re-
tion be requested to circulate this petition    turn thanks to the City Council for the 
for signatures, in their several districts, as  use of the City Hall; also to the officers
soon as may be, and forward the same to         of the Convention, for the manner in which
the Legislature.                                they have performed their duties.
   18. Resolved, That the Convention ap-                 PLAN OF STATE ORGANIZATION.
point a committee of five on State Organ-       The Committee on State Organization report-      
ization; the object of this organization to     ed the following:
be the arrangement of the debate in such        WHEREAS, The thorough organization and
way as to secure efficient and united anti-     united effort of the Colored people of the State,  
slavery action.                                 is absolutely essential to the success of the
   19. Resolved, That a committee of three      struggle in which we are engaged for the acqui- 
19. Resolved, That a committee of three         sition of our rights, therefore, be it
he appointed to take into consideration,        Resolved, by the Colored people of Ohio in Con-
and report upon the propriety, necessity,       vention asembled, That the State Central Com- 
and practicability, of establishing a per-      mittee shall consist of --- members, to be
manent press, as the organ of the colored       elected annually; and the State Convention to                             
people of the State.                            be organized with a President, Secretary and                  
 20. Resolved, That the establishment           Treasurer, to perform duties as hereinafter de-                                  
of  Mechanics' Institutes, Agricultural        	fined.			
Associations,  Educational  and Literary,       There shall be appointed by this Convention                                      
Temperance and Moral Reform Societies,          a Central Committee of five for each county				
would tend to promote our social and do-	here represented, to perform duties hereinafter
mestic education.				provided, and to hold their office for one year,     
   WHEREAS, It appears,  from  proper 	        and until their successors shall be elected and
information, that former Conventions had        qualified by the people of their respective
contracted with J. M. Langston and D.           counties.                                 
Jenkins, to perform certain public duties,      The State Central Committee shall be em- 
 in the discharge of which J. M. Langston      	powered to employ an agent or agents to trav-				   
					        erse the State, holding county conventions and
            				        township meetings of the colored people, to
						print and circulate memorials and petitions



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Proceedings, Held in the City of Columbus, January 16-18, 1856


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