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Proceedings, Held in the City of Columbus, January 16-18, 1856


our sense or touch.  In the broad area of this      float proudly over you, bearing the glorious in-
Republic there in no spot, however small or         scription, broad and brilliant as the material
isolated, where the colored man can exercise        universe: "God and Liberty!"
his God given rights.  Genius of America!--                          SARA  G. STALEY,
How are thou fallen, oh Lucifer, son of the         In behalf of the Delaware Ladies' Anti Slavery
morning!  how art thou fallen !                                     Society.
  In view of these things, it is self evident,
and above demonstration that we, as a people,
have every incentive to labor for the redress of
         The Committee on petitions reported the fol-
wrongs.  On our native soil, consecrated to
freedom, civil liberties are denied us, and         lowing:
we are by compulsion subject to an atrocious          We, the undersigned, citizens of --- coun-
and criminal system of political tutelage deli-     ty, respectfully but earnestly petition your
terious to the interst of the entire colored race,  honorable body, 1st. To immediately take the
and antagonistical to the political axioms of       necessary constitutional steps to so alter or
this Republic.                                      amend the Constitution of this State as to
  Intuitively  then, we search for the panacea      strike out the word "white" in the first Sec-
for the manifold ills which we suffer.  One,        tion of the fifth Article.  2d. To so alter or
and only one, exists; and when each individu-       amend the first Section of the ninth Article of
al among us realizes the absolute impossibility     the Constitution as to strike out the word
for him to perform any work of supererogation       "white" in that Article.  3d. Also, to repeal
in the common cause, the appliances will prove      all laws and parts of laws which make distinc-
its own efficacy ; it is embodied in one potent     tions on account of color.
word-ACTION.  Let unanimity of action char-
acterize us ; let us reject the absurd phantasy       The Committee on Finance reported the fol-
of non-intervention; let us leave conservatism      lowing receipts and expenditures:
behind, and substitute a radical, utilitarian                       RECEIPTS.
spirit; let us cultivate our moral and mental
faculties, and labor to effect a general diffusion    From members of Convention ....... $24,75
of knowledge, remembering that "ascendancy              "  Ladies A.M.E. Church ......     5,00  
naturally and properly belongs to intellectual
                     					Total .......................... $29,75
superiority."  Let, Excelsior" be our watch-                 EXPENDITURES.
word; it is the inspiration of all great deeds,       For Hall rent                      $15,00
and by the universal adoption of this policy
we will soon stand triumphantly above that            Expense of Central Committee....     6,75
ignorance and weakness, of which slavery is             Total.........................    21,75
the inevitable concomitant--will soon reach           Balance $800, which was paid to the Com-
that apex of civilization and consequent power      mittee of Publication.
to which every earnest, impassioned soul as-                       
pires.                                                The following letters were received and or-
  Continued and strenuous effort is the basis       dered to be published:
of all greatness, moral, intellectual, and civil.
"Work, man,"  says Carlyle, "work! work!
thou hast all eternity to rest in."                                PETERBORO' Dec. 27, 1855.
  To you, gentlemen, as representatives of the        D. Jenkins, L. D. Taylor, J. Watson, J.
oppressed thousands of Ohio, we look hopeful-       Malvin, W. A. Scott, J. Booker, W. H Day-
ly.  This convening is far from being nugatory                      State Central Committee.
or unimportant.  "Agitation of thought is the         GENTLEMEN:--I thank you for inviting me to
beginning of truth," and, furthermore,  by          attend your State Convention.  I wish I could
pursuing such a line of policy as you in your       attend it; but such is the state of my business,
wisdom may deem expedient, tending toward           that I cannot.
that paramount object, the results may transcend      I suppose the object of your Convention is
      those attending similar assemblies which have       to promote the welfare of the whole colored
preceded it.  True, you are numerically small;      population of this country.
but the race is not always gained by the swift,       For many years I have well nigh despaired
nor the battle by the strong, and it has become     of the peaceful, bloodless abolition of Ameri-
a truism that greatness is the legitimate result    can Slavery.  Two things are lacking to secure
of labor, diligence, and perseverance.              such abolition. lst. Entire honesty on the part
  It was a Spartan mother's farewell to her         of the abolitionists.  2d. Self respect on the
soil, "Bring home your shield or be brought         part of the free colored people.
upon it."  To you we would say, be true, be           It is dishonesty in the abolitionists to admit
courageous, be steadfast in the discharge of        that there can be law for the enslavement of
your duty.  The citadel of Error must yield to      the American blacks--for they would admit
the unshrinking phalanx of truth.  In our           no possibility of law for the enslavement of the
fireside circles, in the seclusion of our closets,  American whites.
we kneel in tearful supplication in your be-          It is most painful and pitiable self-degrada-
half.  As Christian wives, mothers and daugh        tion, on the part of the free colored people, to
ters, we invoke the blessing of the King,           admit that there is, either inside or outside of
Eternal and Immortal, "who sitteth upon the         the Constitution, law--real, obligatory law --
circle of the earth, who made the heavens with      for the enslavement of their race.  They be-
all their host," to rest upon you, and we           tray their destitution of true self-respect when
pledge ourselves to exert our influence unceas-     they vote for men who make such an admission,
ingly in the cause of Liberty and Humanity.         or when they unite with churches that make
  Again we say, be courageous ; be steadfast;       it, or patronize free schools or school teachers
unfurl your banner to the breeze--let its folds     that make it.


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Proceedings, Held in the City of Columbus, January 16-18, 1856


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