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86                            THE REVIEW

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                      1906 NOTES OF TRAVEL.

    Springfield, Mass.--Again in the New England States. This city,
known for its congenial clime and unsurpassing beauty, with a population
of 95,000, was the seat of the fifty-fourth session of the New England Con-
ference. On Thursday morning, June 29th, at 9 o'clock, Bishop B. W.
Arnett convened the New England Conference in the beautiful Loring A.
M. E. Church. The Conference was well cared for. "The Review" sub
scription excelled previous years. We are truly going on to perfection.
    Boston and Cambridge, Mass.-See October number, 1905.
    Langhorne, Pa.--This is a beautiful borough, twenty-two miles from
Philadelphia, with a population of 800; two hundred of which are colored
people. We have only one colored church in the borough, Bethlehem A.
M. E. Church, Rev. A. M. Buckley, D.D., pastor. This is the second oldest
church in the connection. Really the church was established fourteen years
prior to the general organization of the A. M. E. Church in Philadelphia.
See "Payne's History of the A. M. E. Church." On Thursday night,
August 10th, an excellent audience greeted me in this very historic church.
At the close of the lecture, "The Review" was represented, and subscribers
secured. I need not say I was well cared for at the very pleasant home
of Dr. and Mrs. Buckley, for wherever these dear ones are, the represen-
tative of "The Review" receives a very warm welcome, and not a stone
is left unturned in making her stay pleasant and profitable.
    Frederick, Md.--The beautiful city of Frederick, named after "Fred-
erick, Prince of Wales," is located in the lovely Monocacy Valley, between
the Catoctin mountains on the west and the Sugar Loaf mountain on the
east, was the seat of the Hagerstown District Conference and Sunday School
Convention, with Rev. C. H. Young, Presiding Elder, and Miss Ada Cole,
District Superintendent. Well prepared papers were read and discussed.
Each church and Sunday School made excellent reports.  Both meetings
were pleasant from start to finish.  Much credit is due Rev. John F. Wag-


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 23, Num. 1

Business List

Volume:  23
Issue Number:  01
Page Number:  86
Date:  07/1906


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