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                 NOTES OF TRAVEL, 1910, Part IV.
  Minneapolis, Minn.--On Wednesday, September 21, 1910, at 9 a. m.,
Bishop C. T. Shaffer convened the 28th session of the Iowa Annual Confer-
ence in St. Peters church, Rev. C. W. Roberts, the faithful pastor.  This
is one of the leading churches in the northwest. Minneapolis has a popu-
lation of 325,000; fifty years ago it was only a frontier village of a half hun-
dred people. This reservation was opened to settlement in 1854 and given
the present name, Minneapolis, a compound of Indian and Greek meaning
"water city." This city has nearly 1000 factories. The majority of the
colored people own well furnished homes. The Conference was well enter-
tained; the attendance very large; many could not gain admittance on
Friday night, Sept. 24, the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the
Ministerial life of Bishop C. T. Shaffer. The departments were ably rep-
resented. The Review received a large list of subscribers. The Woman's
Mite Missionary Society of this Conference leads the Connection and has
received the Connectional Banner; colors: red and white; red for loyalty
and white for purity. I was well cared for in the comfortable home of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Briscoe, 911 E. 22d St. Mrs. Elizabeth Howard, Evange-
list made her annual report.  Accessions and conversions, 348.  Money
raised during the year, $2227.20. Mrs. Nora F. Taylor, Evangelist, made
an excellent report for the Missionary Society of Quinn Chapel, $170.
  Fort Scott, Kansas.--On Wednesday September 28th, Bishop A. Grant
convened the Kansas Annual Conference in Bethel church, Rev. J. F. Sage,
pastor. The Conference was well attended; the Departments were ably
represented, and all received a healthy support. The Review subscription
is increasing daily. The sermon by Bishop Grant on Sunday morning, Oct.
2nd, will long be remembered by all whose good fortune it was to hear him.
Text: St. Matthew 14:23. "And when he had sent the multitude away,
he went up into a mountain apart to pray; and when the evening was come,
he was there alone." I was well cared for in the comfortable home of Mrs.
Martha Garrette, 418 Osborne St.
  St. Charles, Mo.--On Wednesday Oct. 5th, notwithstanding the heavy
downpour of rain, Bishop A. Grant, convened the North Missouri Confer-
ence in Bethel A. M. E. church, Rev. J. F. Taylor, pastor. St. Charles has


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 28, Num. 2

Business Department

Volume:  28
Issue Number:  02
Page Number:  622
Date:  10/1911


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