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Magazines, Reviews and Periodicals


         Magazine  Reviews  and  Periodicals.

  SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE for January has a striking portrait of
Washington Allston as frontispiece; and among the many inter-
esting articles that make up this number are some unpublished
correspondence of his and reproductions of some of his drawings.
The articles are upon various subjects and the illustrations seem
unusually fine. This number is called the Pennsylvania Edition,
and begins another year's work for this periodical that has won
the high place it holds among publications of its class.
  The February number contains eight illustrated articles rep-
resenting the work of Robert Blum, W. L. Metcalf, Irving R.
Wiles, J. H. Twachtman, W. L. Taylor and other skilful artists.
In the group of Australian articles there is a vivid and picturesque
description of pastoral life on the great sheep ranches which are
peculiar to that country, fully illustrated from drawings by Birge
Harrison, who has but recently returned from a long sojourn in
that region. The notable group on Practical Charities is repre-
sented in this issue by "A Model Working-Girls' Club," the
Polytechnic Young Women's Institute, of London, described by
Dr. Albert Shaw, a close student of social and economic ques-
tions. The perilous work to which the Revenue-Cutter Service
of the United States is assigned during the winter months in re-
lieving vessels in distress, is described by Lieutenant Percy W.
Thompson, of the cutter Dexter, and some of the most notable
rescues are pictured by Samuel A. Wood. Dr. Benjamin Sharp,
who was one of the party of naturalists which accompanied Lieu-
tenant Peary to Greenland, tells about the isolated race discovered
in 1813, in North Greenland, by Sir John Ross, and named the
Arctic Highlanders. Mr. Coffin's second article on "American
Illustration of To-day," discusses a notable group of artists, in-
cluding Blum, Mowbray, Millet, Crane and others, with examples
of their work. Another art paper is the unpublished reminiscences
of Henry Greenough, which concern "Washington Allston as a
Painter." The fiction includes short stories by Octave Thanet,
Edwin C. Martin, Bliss Perry, and the sixth instalment of "The
Wrecker," which is midway in the progress of the story, and con-
tains a chapter deepening the mystery in regard to the wreck.
An amusing paper on an old "Dutch Cookery Book of 1752," by
the wife of Commander Chadwick, U.S. N.; an essay on "The
Illusions of Memory," by Professor William H. Burnham; poems
by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, Archibald Lampman, and Eliza


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, [Vol.08, Num. 4]

Magazines, Reviews and Periodicals

Volume:  08
Issue Number:  04
Page Number:  511
Date:  04/1892


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