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Philosophy Religiously Valued
              PHILOSOPHY RELIGIOUSLY VALUED.               421

the sublime to the ridiculous?  Then again those are costly
structures, and more money is expended on them than the race
they are to shelter. Can we seriously declare in the face of the
Master that we are righteous and faithful stewards of His money ?
it is not the building but the children. Give us the sources from
which to draw power, and all else shall come. Help the strug-
gling publishing houses of the race; let the Negro's money flow
into these channels. " Cast thy bread" upon these waters, and
it  "shall return after many days."  In giving these, success and
strength are added to the race.
  Thirdly, select wise, faithful leaders and be willing to follow
them. Don't waste so much valuable time in "appealing" and
resolving" while our time, money and strength are dissolving,
but arise like men and help ourselves, and we shall certainly suc-
ceed and be rewarded and applauded in the act.  Patronize the
literary works of our people in preference to others, but pass the
same criticisms upon worthless stuff among us that we would
condemn in others. Above all, be righteous in all things; give
to all their due.  Negro manhood needs fuller development; I
speak as a people; we are not what we can be or ought to be; a
day passed in company, on a railroad train, with a crowd of our
people, smoking, chewing tobacco and spitting, loud talking,
coarse jokes, etc., and in our various houses of worship, society
halls and on the public streets, will convince any mind of the
necessity of higher culture.
  Whilst the progress thus made is almost as wonderful as the
power of Aladdin's lamp, considering the depths from which we
have come to the heights now attained, and coupled with this
the acceptance of the same by the " dominant race" in our present
status, we have reason to thank God and take courage.
  But let us not be deceived; the land of promise is not yet; for
the journey is long, the mountains are steep, waters are deep, and
the tall giant sons "of Anak" stand waiting to dispute every
onward step of progress to the thrones of power. "Arise and
let us be going."
  Atlanta, Ga.


                  BY REV. H. T. JOHNSON, A.M.

   By the scholastics philosophy was designated as theologia
ancilla the handmaid of theology.  Its only relation or office
to religion, according to those who figured as masters in the re-
vival of learning, was one of subserviency.  Certainly an apprecia-
tive value was accorded it, but only that resulting from its menial
relation to theology.


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 07, Num. 4

Philosophy Religiously Valued


Volume:  07
Issue Number:  04
Page Number:  421
Date:  04/1891


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