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Literature a Pillar of Strength
          LITERATURE A PILLAR OF STRENGTH.         155

  The pyramids of Egypt were not blown up by the
winds, nor were those characters engraved on their
chambers or chiseled on their faces, made by savage
beasts. Nor were the tablets of clay and scrolls of
papyrus, that bear marks of their history, scratched by
the fowls of the air. Let history remain silent as to
her illustrious characters; let it smother names if she
will, but the fact remains that they were men who
have made their impress upon the life of nations and
left a legacy for all time. Whatever there is of Phoene-
cian literature must ever give credit to her Taant,
Kadmus, Thabion, and Mochus.
  In the little world within Homer's mind were kin-
dled those epic flames that burned upon the heart of
all Greece. Of those two poems so fascinating as to
enwrap us and bear us "unconsciously and irresistibly
on the wings of fancy to the very scenes described," we
cannot say too much. Longinus, one of the most
eminent critics and philosophers of Greece, compared
them to the orb of day, "one as the mid-day splendor,
and the other as the setting sun." And what a beauti-
ful lesson is taught us in the blindness of the producer
of those poems, and that of those to whom they fell.
Just as nature threw around him shades of light and
beauty which he could not see, so did he shed over all
Grecian hearts a ray to which they were blinded until
after his death-a light which has since fallen upon
millions who delight to sing his praises.
  Her lyric strains will ever revive sweet memories of
Sappho and Alcaeus; her drama was but the pano-
ramic view of the minds of her AEschylus, Sophocles,
and Euripides; her history the mirror minds of Thu-
cydides, Xenophon, and Herodotus; her eloquence
and oratory but the expressive genius and fervent flow
of the souls of Lyssias and Demosthenes, and her phil-
osophy the reflective, reasoning minds of Aristotle,


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 10, Num. 1

Literature a Pillar of Strength


Volume:  10
Issue Number:  01
Page Number:  146
Date:  07/1893


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