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Easter Sentiments of Our Bishops

          Easter Sentiments of Our Bishops.

                                    Remember Easter ! The law
  Easter day is the evergreen is    is emphatic, duty is emphatic,
lining of the grave.                and the injunctions of heaven
            BENJ. F. LEE.           are emphatic.

              BENJ. TUCKER TANNER.--A poem.  (See Cover.)
 The first Easter morn was                           The flowers that have died
the birth-time of humanity's                       for  ages and  risen  in  new
hope. Each succeeding East-                        life each sprig seem to say
er has been a renewal of the                       to us, "Surely the God that his
prophecy and promise of im-                        raised us a thousand times
mortality which made radiant                       can raise a man once!"
Christ's resurrection morning                            ABRAHAM  GRANT.
            w. J. GAINES.

                A. D. 33. CHRIST AT BETHANY. The sisters of
              Lazarus greeted him with the same pathetic saluta-
              tion, "Lord,if thou hadst been here, my brother had
              not died." But when the two sisters met Jesus, the
              difference between them is apparent. Martha's grief
              is not so overwhelming as to prevent her utterance.
              She is calm and collected; she gives expression to her
              convictions  and hopes.    Not so with her sister
              Mary: she remained in the house some time after the
              message had reached the house that the Master had
              come. She, indeed,at last goes forto meet Him; and
              her reverence, her devotion, her faith, are not less
              than those of Martha; but her heart is too full for
              words, that is all.
                0 Most Blessed mourners, with whose tears thy
              Saviour mingles His own ! O Sympathy most un-
              paralleled !
                To each of the two stricken and afflicted ones, the
              Lord addressed the very consolation that was most
                What a friend is this! What a brother!  Yea, and
              more than a brother-the Saviour, the Redeemer,
              the Resurrection and the Life!
                And how confidently may you, dear reader, come
              out, as these two sisters did, and meet this Friend,
              this Brother, this, your only Saviour.
                                           JAMES H. HANDY.

   Easter is the central thought, as Jesus Christ is the central person, of the gospel
 to the poor; the rising day, the elevating day or age, the rising from death to life of
 the body, from darkness to light of the mind, and from earth to heaven of the soul.
   The hope of the moral, intellectual, spiritual and political elevation of the hu-
 man family lingers on the horizon of Easter morning; it furnishes the key-note
 to the natal song of the Son of Mary and of God, and supplies the missing note in
 the hallelujah chorus of universal salvation on earth and in heaven.
                                                            BENJ. W. ARNETT.

       The tomb that was the black hole      Easter comes once more with its
     of despair to the disciples and all    sweet  psalm to the soul.  It is a
     who loved Jesus, when his slain        beautiful blending of faith, history
     body  was laid therein; became,        and prophecy.  It is the voice of
     when the angel rolled the stone        awakening.    Life more abundant
     away that his risen body might         is nature's song.  May we demon-
     come forth,thefountain and source      strate in our lives that we have re-
     of eternal light to all believers.     ceived this more abundant life and
     Thus have our hearts prepared, not     have had the grave clothing of sinful
     a tomb, but a throne, for Him to       nature removed, and are now new
     whom be all honor, dominion and        creatures in Christ Jesus, our Sov-
     glory.                                 ereign Head.
                  MOSES B. SALTER.                       WM. B. DERRICK.

          Bp. J. H. ARMSTRONG, deceased, Mar. 23, '98.

                      "By faith ***he being dead, yet speaketh."-EDITOR.


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Item Description

African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 14, Num. 4

Easter Sentiments of Our Bishops

Volume:  14
Issue Number:  04
Page Number:  448
Date:  04/1898


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