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Black Brigade of Cincinnati: Being a Report of Its Labors and a Muster-Roll of Its Members; Together with Various Orders, Speeches, Etc. Relating to It.

                       THE BLACK BRIGADE.                           9

                                       "HEAD-QUARTERS U.S. FORCES, 
                                  "CINCINNATI, September 4, 1862. 
  "William M. Dickson is hereby assigned to the command of the negro
forces from Cincinnati working on the fortifications near Newport and Cov-
ington, and will be obeyed accordingly.
  "By order of Major-General LEWIS WALLACE.
                                       "J. C. ELSTON, JR., A. D. C."

  To Judge Dickson and his aids, especially James Lupton,
Acting Camp Commandant, the members of the brigade can
never be sufficiently grateful. Under their command kind
treatment took the place of brutality. The men were permit-
ted to return to their homes, to allay the fears of their families,
and to prepare themselves the better for camp-life. The police
were relieved of provost-guard duty, and on Friday morning
more men reported for duty than had been dragged together by
the police. Many had hidden too securely to be found; others
had escaped to the country. These now came forward to aid in
the city's defense.  With augmented numbers, and glowing with
enthusiasm, the Black Brigade marched to their duty. Receiv-
ing the treatment of men, they were ready for any thing. Being
in line of march, they were presented with a National flag by
Capt. Lupton, who accompanied it with the following address:

  "I have the kind permission of your commandant, Colonel Dickson, to hand
you, without formal speech or presentation, this national flag-my sole object
to encourage and cheer you on to duty. On its broad folds is inscribed,
'THE BLACK BRIGADE OF CINCINNATI.'  I am confident that, in your hands, it
will not be dishonored.
  "The duty of the hour is work--hard, severe labor on the fortifications of
the city. In the emergency upon us, the highest and the lowest alike owe
this duty.  Let it be cheerfully undertaken.  He is no man who now, in de-
fense of home and fireside, shirks duty.
  "A flag is the emblem of sovereignty-a symbol and guarantee of protec-
 tion.  Every nation and people are proud of the flag of their country.  Eng-
 land, for a thousand years, boasts her Red flag and Cross of St. George;
 France glories in her Tri-color and Imperial Eagle; ours the 'Star-spangled
 Banner,' far more beautiful than they-this dear old flag- -the sun in heaven
 never looked down on so proud a banner of beauty and glory. Men of the
 Black Brigade, rally around it!  Assert your manhood, be loyal to duty, be
 obedient, hopeful, patient. Slavery will soon die; the slaveholders' rebel-
 lion, accursed of God and man, will shortly and miserably perish. There
 will then be, through all the coming ages, in very truth, a land of the free--
 one country, one flag, one destiny.


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Black Brigade of Cincinnati: Being a Report of Its Labors and a Muster-Roll of Its Members; Together with Various Orders, Speeches, Etc. Relating to It.



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