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Bishop M.B. Salter
                     CHURCH REVIEW.


                 BISHOP M. B. SALTER.

  MOSES B. SALTER was born in Charleston, S. C., on February
13, 1840. The early part of his life was spent in hard labor,
under the baleful influence of slavery. He just began to learn
to read at the close of the war. Being a man of indomitable will-
power, he soon started out to prepare himself to enter life's con-
test and be of service to his struggling people. He was converted
early in life and joined the M. E. Church (South), in 1855, and
remained in it for ten years. When Bishop Payne went to
Charleston, in 1865, to organize the A. M. E. Church, Mr. Salter
left the M. E. Church, and made the sixtieth person who at first
saw a grand future in enlisting beneath the A. M. E. banner. He
was ordained a local preacher in 1866, and joined the itinerant
service in 1867, and was ordained a deacon by Bishop Wayman,
at Wilmington, N. C., the same year. He was appointed to
Aiken, S. C., where he remained for two years.  In 1868 he was
ordained Elder, and in 1869 was appointed Presiding Elder of
the Aiken District.
  In 1870 he resigned his charge to enter Wilberforce College,
where he remained until January, 1874, but on account of ill
health had to cease his studies there. He then returned to his
Conference (the South Carolina), and was reappointed to Cumber-
land Church, in Aiken, S. C., where his labors proved very suc-
cessful, spiritually, temporally and financially.  While pastor at
Aiken he wooed and wedded Miss Priscilla Smith, of Aiken,
Rev. J. W. Beckett officiating at the ceremonies. In 1875 he
left Aiken to accept the pastorate of Emanuel Church, Charles-
ton, S. C., which is one of the largest churches in the connection,
having a membership of over 3,000 persons. They raised
$1,111--the largest amount of the dollar money raised that year
by any other A. M. E. Church. He remained in charge of this
church four years, and his labors were blessed by over 500 ad-
ditional members to the fold.  From there he went to Beaufort,
S. C., mproved the Grace Chapel and labored with its devoted
flock for two years.  In 1881 he was transferred to the Georgia
Conference, and was appointed to St. John's Church, Columbus,
Ga., where his labors were again crowned with glowing success.


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 09, Num. 2

Bishop M.B. Salter

Volume:  09
Issue Number:  02
Page Number:  113
Date:  10/01/1892


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