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Christopher Columbus
                   CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.                     157

thinkers. Thus the Society represents not one but all creeds,
and it places no restrictions upon its members beyond that of
loyalty to its great fundamental principle-" Universal Brother-
hood." It already has a large and widely distributed literature
in book and pamphlet form, in which many of the perplexing
social, religious and scientific problems of the day are explained
and discussed from a theosophical standpoint, while its repre-
sentative journals, such as Lucifer and The Theosophist, with num-
erous lesser lights, have an extensive circulation.
  A brief statement of the object and aims of the Society has
been summarized as follows:
  (1) To form a nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity,
without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color. (The italics
are supplied by the writer.)
  (2) To promote the study of Aryan and other Eastern litera-
tures, religions, philosophies and sciences, and to demonstrate
their importance to humanity.
  (3) To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the psychical
powers latent in man.
  The doctrines promulgated by the Society are not advanced as
dogmas, but held up as reasonable hypotheses, which clear away
many otherwise inconsistent and incomprehensible phases and
conditions of life. To render these phases and conditions plainer
to the individual, it calls to its aid hypnotism, spiritualism, elec-
tricity and other natural forces calculated to give an insight into
nature's secrets. The theosophists positively affirm that they do
not desire to destroy the doctrines of the Church, but instead, to
rescue it from a mass of exoteric forms and symbols, which
ignorance has entailed upon it, and re-establish it upon an eso-
teric basis, by unifying these doctrines with the universal prin-
ciples found in other religions; in other words, they wish to
show that theosophy and esoteric Christianity are identical.

                     CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.

                BY PROFESSOR FRANK J. WEBB, JR.

  A WRITER on historical characters must invariably decline to
be any one of three things-an idolater, a partisan, or a detractor.
Votaries of Clio must observe that noble old maxim of Christian
as well as pagan morality--suum cuique.  History abounds in
cases where the popular judgment is considerably modified, if
not entirely reversed, by the dicta of generations. Often the


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African Methodist Episcopal Church Review, Vol. 09, Num. 2

Christopher Columbus


Volume:  09
Issue Number:  02
Page Number:  157
Date:  10/01/1892


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