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Are You With Us?
established directl by the State Federation. Any Ohio organiza-
tion having as its object the betterment of humanity may affiliate
with the State Body upon application.
    All individuals or organizations, members of the State Fed-
eration, will receive all information and literature provided by the
State Federation. (Photographic views of all phases of life in
Ohio are being secured.)

                        State Wide Work
    This Federation in no sense seeks to usurp the prerogatives
of any other organization, local, state or national.  The Federa-
tion is essentially co-operative and plays the role of "Booster" in
every instance.  "Ohio Points the Way," read the headlines in
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, when the Federation was formed.
That is it. As organization and individuals we believe in Ohio,
we believe in the future of the Colored people of Ohio and it is to
help direct that future systematically, intelligently and aggres-
sively, that we work together.  Recognizing the fact that each
community has its individual problems, we also know there is
much to be gained by state wide co-operative effort.
    The exchange of ideas, the harmony of effort, the inspiration
of achievement, the advantages of fellowship and the creating of a
larger vision of life, are but few of the things to be gained by
being identified with this work.

                        State Committees
    The State Committees are acting upon the needs cf their
special fields:  Research and Statistics, Publicity and Organiza-
tion, Welfare, Labor and Housing.  Special reports of the work
of these committees will be issued from time to time. The State
work to be accomplished in the various fields as represented by the
committees is perfectly obvious to all.
    The problems in each community, large and small, are being
attacked with an earnestness that brings quick results.  The kind
of people who are coming from the south, their conditions of liv-
ing, the people who have always lived in Ohio, and those who have
lived here for a number of years; the health of the people, kind of
recreation, where Colored people are now employed, where they
are living-the class of houses, whether owned or rented, and
dozens of other subjects are being investigated and acted upon
for the best interests of all concerned.


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Are You With Us?


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