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Are You With Us?
                       War and Soldiers
    War conditions are constantly bringing new problems to Col-
ored people as well as all others. It is the purpose of The Ohio
Federation to back up with patriotic vigor every step on the march
of Victory for complete Justice and Democracy.
    To this end the Federation is co-operating with the "War
Commission on Camp Activities," and other agencies at Camp
Sherman, to "provide for the general welfare" of the nearly 5,000
Colored soldiers in training at the camp.
    The Federation is co-operating extensively with the Federal
Food Administrator for Ohio in the conservation of food.
  The Federation is pursuing a campaign of education in behalf
of the new United States Thrift Stamps and hopes through this
instrumentality to encourage the purchase of $500,000 worth of
Thrift Stamps during 1918.
    The Federation is letting it be broadly understood that
"Thrift Stamps" in payment for memberships are not only accept-
able but desirable.
                   General Progress in Ohio
  The Federation is deeply conscious of its responsibilities and
the trust imposed in it. Usually not much is expected of an
organization in the first year. It takes about that long to get the
"Big Idea" before the people in the right light.  While we are
getting the people acquainted, we are also accomplishing some
real things, and the interest of the public is asked because of pres-
ent achievements as well as our future possibilities.
                   Intensive Human Service
    It is impossible here to give a detailed account of all local
activities in affiliated work. A few concrete instances are men-
tioned to give a clearer understanding of the scope and purpose
of our work.  The Negro Civic Welfare Committee of Cincin-
nati, branch of the Council of Social Agencies, employs a trained
full-time Secretary and assistants. The Committee is composed
of leading White and Colored men and women.
    The Negro Welfare Association of Cleveland, is co-operating
with other social agercies, and is using the available equipment in
the public schools, has an expert director, experienced workers,
permanent headquarters, and aggressive leadership of both races.
    The Dayton organization has secured a "Community House"
which is admirably located and suitably furnished.


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Are You With Us?


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