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Progress of the Negro Race: Address at a Patriotic Race Service, Philadelphia
respected by the members of that august tribunal and in death
they honored him.  At his funeral were the Chief Justice and
Associate Justices of the Court. No finer tribute could be paid
any American citizen than the words spoken of this man by the
Chief Justice, a Southern man. Chief Justice White said of him
that he was loyal, that he was honest, that he was worthy of the
best and that he had the respect of every member of the Court.
  I could continue for a long while upon this phase of the sub-
ject. I shall, however, call your attention to only a few more
choice illustrations of the attitude, thoughts and purposes of the
Democratic party in connection with the negro.

           Separate Street Cars for Negroes

  I have here a bill (House Bill 10150) introduced by Mr.
Tribble, "Providing that the street car companies of the District
of Columbia shall provide separate street cars or separate com-
partments for white and negro passengers," and imposing a pen-
alty of one hundred dollars fine for each and every violation of
the Bill.
  I have resided in Washington for nearly 18 years and fre-
quently have used the street cars of that city. I have never yet
seen an objectionable colored person on the cars, nor have I
ever heard any complaint or criticism in connection with their use
of the cars. Without any demand from the District of Columbia
we have this bill presented in the House of Representatives
  In line with this effort of Mr. Tribble I note a bill (House Bill
6866) introduced by Mr. Thomson, of Oklahoma, a Democrat.
This bill has the plausible title of a bill to promote the comfort
of passengers and to provide for the separation of the races on
street cars, and in the various departments of the Government.
It provides that the street car companies shall furnish separate
cars and compartments and that the white and negro employes
of the Government shall be separated and placed in separate
rooms and compartments in the various departments. Fines are
imposed for violations of these provisions, not only on the officers
of the company, but on the passengers. And any officer of the
Government who does not enforce these regulations is liable to a
fine of as much as $1,000 for each offense.


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Progress of the Negro Race: Address at a Patriotic Race Service, Philadelphia


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